BurnSystems.WPF – First Upload

Just uploaded one WPF custom control: The resizeable splitter… What does it do?  It divides a control into two parts separated by a splitter The splitter is draggable and the controls within are resized according position of the splitter The splitter can be horizontal (Top/Down separation) or vertical (Left/Right separation) The splitter can have a […]

Time to say goodbye to Facebook

As you might have noticed, I stopped to post Caturday photos and nearly stopped to use Facebook as a publishing platform. Finally, today, I will stop to use Facebook as the primary publishing platform and stop to comment, like and share postings. There are several reasons for this, which I might explain in further postings […]

Update of OwnCloud

Since I’m using OwnCloud instead of OneDrive or Google Drive for my private photo storage, I’m also obliged to keep care of updates… You may choose: Trust yourself and update owncloud and hope that you can make it Trust Microsoft/Google that they will handle it and will not give away your data voluntarily or unvoluntarily […]

SlideMeister Version 1.3

A minor new update for SlideMeister is now published. You can create animations and export them as .png files for fast reuse in Powerpoints. Improvements: Copy to Clipboard via right-click or Ribbon Butten Improved layout for sequences. Number of tab controls is reduced Minor bugfixing and minor refactoring. Have fun! http://www.depon.net/downloads/slidemeister.zip https://github.com/mbrenn/slidemeister

Der DatenMeister as a Desktop Application

Just some screenshots… After losing two of my wisdom teeth, I have some time to work on DatenMeister. I hope to have a version ready within this year which can be used in a productive meaning. GUI Development is currently very rough… 1) The Workspaces 2) The Extents 3) The List View 4) The DetailView

SlideMeister 1.2

SlideMeister 1.2 is now released… Source Code available under GitHub (by the way: Another US-driven service, I would like to get rid off): https://github.com/mbrenn/slidemeister The Download of the application is given under: http://depon.net/downloads/slidemeister.zip What has changed?  Images are now created by factory methods instead being directly correlated in the main view A step for transition sequence […]

Internal object structure for .Net

A very nice blog series is available within the following links. They describe the native memory layout of .Net objects. Knowledge about this allows specific optimization when a huge number of objects is handled… Have fun! Managed object internals, Part 1. The layout Managed object internals, Part 2. Object header layout and the cost of […]