Update of OwnCloud

Since I’m using OwnCloud instead of OneDrive or Google Drive for my private photo storage, I’m also obliged to keep care of updates…

You may choose:

  1. Trust yourself and update owncloud and hope that you can make it
  2. Trust Microsoft/Google that they will handle it and will not give away your data voluntarily or unvoluntarily via security holes.

I made myself trusting myself… nevertheless, I believe the risk of making a fault and losing the data is higher as using OneDrive or other cloud-based services…

Back to the original topic:

  • The Owncloud Client notified my that an update is available.
  • Owncloud Server does not support automatic updates like WordPress…. So reading through the manual.
  • Connect to server
    • Switch on maintenance mode
    • Move all to backup directory
    • Download and extract latest version
    • Copy config/config.php to new directory
    • Copy data/ to new directory
    • Run Update Script
    • Leave maintenance mode

In total about 15 minutes which is ‚waste of time‘ compared to the scenario OneDrive.

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