SlideMeister 1.2

SlideMeister 1.2 is now released… Source Code available under GitHub (by the way: Another US-driven service, I would like to get rid off):

The Download of the application is given under:

What has changed? 

  • Images are now created by factory methods instead being directly correlated in the main view
  • A step for transition sequence can now set several transition sets
  • Initialization of a transition is now working correctly
  • Filenames for exports include an ordinal number (ofor better sorting)
  • Minor layout improvements

Internal object structure for .Net

A very nice blog series is available within the following links. They describe the native memory layout of .Net objects. Knowledge about this allows specific optimization when a huge number of objects is handled…

Have fun!

Managed object internals, Part 1. The layout

Managed object internals, Part 2. Object header layout and the cost of locking

Managed object internals, Part 3. The layout of a managed array

Managed object internals, Part 4. Fields layout


Just as a small training for implementing specifications, I implemented the Base64 part of the RFC 4648 completely.

By importing the complete PDF into Microsoft Word and marking requirement-relevant information with background color, I created a unit tests for the necessary chapters.


Each unit test is green and code coverage for unit tests is about 100%.

Why did I create such a library, even though Base64 is directly supported by .Net Standard 1.0 and therefore each .Net implementation like .Net Framework or .Net Core?

As mentioned: I wanted to implement the RFC as strict as possible, which is not given by the .Net Framework (some exception handling deviates) and in addition it was given as a training how to implement RFC requirement documents and somehow get a tracing between the specification and implementation. More work will follow!

And… because I can!


The complete source code is available at GitHub:


xUnit does not currently work with .Net Standard

If you try to use xUnit with .Net Standard and have included the necessary packages for „xunit“ and „xunit.runner.visualstudio“, you won’t see the tests within the test explorer of Visual Studio. At least with the current version (xUnit 2.2.0 and VS Community 15.2).

If you would like to use xUnit, you need to create your test assembly as a .Net Framework 4.6.2 library and you may create your library itself as a .Net Standard project.

This works perfectly…

Keywords: Visual Studio, XUnit, Test Explorer Empty, .Net Standard.


By the way… This is the first post which is directly connected to Facebook and Twitter.

Release 1.0 – SlideMeister

Finally after several weeks of delay, I would like to take the opportunity to make the tool SlideMeister available.


What is SlideMeister?

Whenever you need to make a series of images or an animation of an architecture, diagram or schematics for presentation, you could argue with PowerPoint or use the tool to ease the change of elements within the presentation an store each animated step as a separate image which can be copied to PowerPoint easily.

It can also be used to show several states of the diagram. This improves the explanation within a presentation.

Best to be shown in the following GIF.

Every user of the application who is capable to modify a JSON file (Example)can also create his or her own schematics and animation. Just use an image, the images of the elements for each state and combine them by a ruleset. The download includes three simple examples.

  • An LED
  • A crossing with traffic lights
  • An electric diagram with two switches and a light

The tool runs on each computer with .Net 4 6.2 and uses WPF for the application window but also for rendering of the slides. Therefor every Windows version starting with Windows 7 can be used.

A Windows Store App for Windows Software will follow.

Starting with version 1.0, SlideMeister supports

  • Relative and absolute coordinates
  • States for items
  • Transitions for several states in one click
  • A sequence of transition to show consecutive steps
  • Export as .png
  • An about dialog ☺️

There might be errors, there might be drawbacks… But starting with 0.1 does not help… For my personal use-cases, the application is nearly complete, but there are additional ideas left (rules for states, more easy creation of settings, etc…)

The complete source code will be published without the icons for the ribbon since they are bought from a commercial supplier and cannot be distributed freely.

Comments and suggestions are highly welcomed via mail to