Super Mario Remix

Eigentlich wollte ich nur probieren, ob die Spotify Integration funktioniert… dabei aber mit einem schönen Lied 🙂

BurnSystems.WPF – First Upload

Just uploaded one WPF custom control: The resizeable splitter…

What does it do? 

  • It divides a control into two parts separated by a splitter
  • The splitter is draggable and the controls within are resized according position of the splitter
  • The splitter can be horizontal (Top/Down separation) or vertical (Left/Right separation)
  • The splitter can have a color… Yeahaa….


The XAML at the container looks like the following:

The result looks like the window:

Where can I get the source code? 

As always… GitHub with MIT License.


Am gestrigen Tage wurde der Tie Interceptor X-Wing abgeschlossen und fliegt nun durch das Wohnzimmer…

Eine sehr interessante Farbkombination… Leider nicht meine 🙂


Time to say goodbye to Facebook

As you might have noticed, I stopped to post Caturday photos and nearly stopped to use Facebook as a publishing platform.

Finally, today, I will stop to use Facebook as the primary publishing platform and stop to comment, like and share postings.

There are several reasons for this, which I might explain in further postings with several examples:

  • Market share and cultural and economical impact of Facebook (GAFA)
  • Incapability of Facebook to control Fake News, Hate News and other discriminating content against majorities and minorities. Even reporting of obvious hate speech did not lead to deletion of content. I don’t want to be part of a hate speech platform.
  • Endangerment of democracies by failing to control foreign troll factories and providing false statements (fake news) to users. The influence of troll factories to democratic elections is well-known and could be seen in the past (Brexit, Trump, nearly Le Pen, AfD, etc…). The non-journalistic presentation of the loudest communities leads to a false bias of the important facts and causes for unwanted states in society, environment and politics.  Especially when they are boosted by troll factories and other destructive parties.
  • Changes in timeline and other provisions of content against my interests. Facebook has the opinion that it knows the priorities of my interests better as myself.
  • Change of usage of Facebook users: I see more content with: ‚Highlight users with @A which needs to give you a drink…‘ (Especially in Germany). No real sharing of opinions… more a competitions of highlighting and sharing links (coming back to fake news…). Out of 20 postings, usually only one is interesting to me
  • etc…

I know, I will not change the world, but I’m more in confidence that I do not support the change of the world as it was happening last year and continues to happen this year.

What does it mean? 

In future, I will use this blog ( as my primary publish platform. It is open, the content is under my control and everybody can extract the content by using an open protocol (RSS).

Each post will be automatically shared in Facebook and Twitter to keep me in contact with you. I know, that Facebook will penalize this by removing my content from your timeline. But that’s life. Unfortunately, open and non-commercial platforms will never reach as much people as the closed and proprietary ones.

I will continue to read Facebook and also use its messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and all other products which are currently in my use. I will not react, like, comment and share other content on Facebook.

I will try other social platforms, like Vero… In the hope to find a platform which is more focused to connect persons instead of gathering as much content as possible. (No, I don’t use Tinder).

What about Caturday? Here, I don’t have a final conclusion since sharing cat images which are mostly under copyright might put myself in legal problems.

Erkenntnis des Tages

Wenn man keinen Bock auf heulende Kinder hat, sollte man kein Skilehrer für Kindergruppen sein…

Zwei Tage -18Grad

Nach zwei Tagen „Russenpeitsche“ und minus achtzehn Grad im Freien und sanften Sturm ist trotz aller Medienberichte keines meiner beiden Kinder erfroren. Dabei waren sie über Stunden draußen.

Genug des Medienhypes. Heute nach vielen Jahren Snowboarden zum allerersten Mal Ski gefahren und ich muss sagen, dass ich zufrieden bin. Einfacher als erwartet und morgen geht es vom Idiotenhügel auf die blaue Piste. Tellerlift ist auch Dutzendfach einfacher…

Ab morgen wird es nun warm und sonnig, am Freitag fahre ich noch Mal edel Board… Soweit der Plan. Hals und Beinbruch…


Auf der Wiesbadener Platte, auch bekannt als Schloss Platte… Mit einer langen Rutschwiese, die heute nicht mal überfùllt war.

Eine gute Alternative zum Feldberg. Näher dran und weniger Stau.

Neues Muse Lied

Freue mich schon auf das Rock am Ring mit Muse… In guter, launiger Stimmung eine fantastische Band.