Docker, Jenkins and Asciidoctor

The today’s afternoon was highly occupied by Jenkins, Docker and Asciidoctor. I never used any of them before but I have a local server „left over“, so I tried to build up an automatic builder and deployer.

Continuous deployment as a hype… Hyper, hyper.

So… What was done?

  1. Fighting against Docker and understanding how Jenkins can be installed…
  2. Fighting again against Docker to figure out how Asciidoctor can be ‚injected‘ into the docker. Ok… using ‚docker exec‘ is not the correct way. I should have created my own Dockerfile… But where is the application data stored? Is it resetted whenever I create a new docker file?
  3. Now, everything is running up and the fights against Asciidoctor began
  4. By the way: The SCP plugin for Jenkins is also a mess.

There is a mess on several levels:

  • SCP plugin does not like default crypto of the sshd server… Now, I did some changes… but Security on a public server… I should know, what I have introduced in sshdconfig. Probably, I will get rid of the SCP plugin and use the scp being delivered with the Docker Container. When I learn how I get the Jenkins user account aware of my SSH keys.
  • Asciidoctor is a mess regarding relative directories. Now I put everything into two folder… The .adoc files and the images… Flat as flat…
  • SCP plugin is again a mess since it is not capable to copy with hierarchy, but a relative hierarchy to the target file

So… What is achieved:

  • Docker runs
  • Jenkin runs
  • Whenever I publish to ‚develop‚ on Github, the website is updated… Yeahaa…
    • Ok… not really… Jenkins pulls every 10 minutes whether a new update on Github was done. I did not manage to figure out how a push notification from Github to my local server in my house is done… Probably also not possible since the server is not reachable from the outside (at least I hope so).

Yeahaa… I’m happy. Time to get some cheese.

Finished: SUCCESS

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